Sunday, February 22, 2009


This week, my heart cries out in adoration to our God, our King, our Savior, JESUS! How can I express the praise rising up in my spirit. His presence is overwhelming...

Shall I sing for You, Lord?
Shall I shout for You, Lord?
Shall I throw my hands in the air?
Shall I dance for You - with You, my Prince of Peace?

Do you, at times, feel the same? Overwhelmed with His constant there-ness? I know He never leaves, and yet there are those times when my perception of Him is more acute. Yes, more finely tuned. During those times, I am awestruck by Him. And my desire to express this devotion feels beyond my human capability.

And sometimes I dance...

Yes, you read that right. Sometimes, I dance. I twirl, I curtsy, I stand high on my toes and throw my hands in the air, lifting my head to my Creator. Eyes open, eyes closed, head bowed and sometimes lifted high. I do the best ballet I know - without any formal training.

And once, I performed in public, unbeknownst to me, and to my utter embarrassment. I'll never forget. Only a few months of settling into my new Texas home (the first time around), as was to my custom, I flipped on the worship music - nice and loud. The sun streaming in through uncovered rear windows swayed and dipped along with my pirouetting shadow.

And then, I opened my eyes. Staring back at me were two cable workers accessing my backyard over our rear fence. Construction was everywhere in the neighborhood, and the home being built behind me apparently shared the same wire we used. And since the cable tower resided in my family's backyard, the fact that they were there didn't frighten me. But it certainly startled me.

Even more startled though - I do believe - were the cable guys. I don't thing they had ever beheld such a sight. Though surely more women dance before the Lord on a regular basis? And surely they've seen it before, right? Well, if they had, they were not letting on.

As for me? I blushed, simply waved, and walked into a more private room.

... And the music played.
... And I continued my dance.

What about you? What are some of your favorite postures of praise? And how do you incorporate them into your LINGER time? I'm asking for your transparency here. Your freedom of expression in worship may help set someone else free to do the same.

OH, and one more thing. How do you include family members into your times of worship, especially if you have young children who are home with you on a consistent basis? OR if you live alone, how do you enjoy your LINGER time?

Here is a short-list of a variety of ways I've LINGERED with the Lord (will you add yours?):

1. Simple dialogue
2. Kneeling before Him
3. Dancing
4. Singing
5. Face to the floor
6. Outstretched hands
7. Worship while working (What does this look like in your life?)

I look forward to reading and learning from your LINGER moments. Be blessed this week as you abide with God in your everyday moments.


tonya said...

When I dance or lift my hands, I feel as though I am giving Him more than what my heart can contain at that time. It is when words aren't enough that my body fills in the rest.

Then there are times when I am shooting and I see something so magnificent and I feel as if the Lord pointed it out to me. Just to see my response. For instance a flower that is just blooming, but out of sight and I happen to notice it. I shout with glee in my heart to thank Him for his beautiful creation. I am not sure if this makes sense to anyone else. I feel so close to Him when I am capturing his magnificent creation.

Sharen Watson said...

Tonya... Yes! This makes perfect sense. Photography is the gift the Lord uses in you to capture the magnificence of His creation - to present to others. You are doing what He created you to do, Tonya, and because you've recognized that, it is a form of worship for you.

Thank you for sharing :-)

I wonder who else out there feels the same about his/her own gifts and talents as being a form of worship...

Jan Parrish said...

I so look forward to this every week. I LOVE THIS BLOG! Thank you for pouring yourself into it.

My two fav times to worship are in the shower and in my car. I crank up the stereo and poke one (one still on the wheel) of my hands out of the sunroof.

I also love corporate worship. It thrills me to hear all those voices raised in praise.

I sometimes feel it's an act of worship to write, doing what He's called me to do.

Sharen Watson said...

Jan... Thank you for being you! And thank you for your comment. Love the shower worship and the sun roof worship (one of my not-so-secret forms of worship too). And I too, LOVE corporate LINGER time!

As for the writing. It's not always easy for extroverts like you and me, but it is a calling. And when we "do" our calling, it is solid LINGER time.

Thank you again for posting. You have wonderful insights to share.

nettie-fudge said...

Love your post, my friend. My special worship time is while I'm in my little truck. I shout (sing) to the Lord (always with my windows up-thank goodness). I'm certain He hears my off key praises and smiles.


Sharen Watson said...

Nettie... Absolutely He hears your praise and revels in it. He LOVES you so much!

Tell me, do you ever get strange looks while worshipping in your little green truck? Every once in awhile I peek at the car next to me while I'm in the throes of praise. And MY the looks I receive! I just want them to join me, for Heaven's sake! :-). They have no idea what they're missing - or WHOM.

Kay Day said...

I also get a lot of worship in while driving. But sometimes I just want to pull over and give it my full attention.
The shower, too. Especially now that I don't have much alone time (homeschooling)
I want everything I do to be an act of worship, but I'm not quite there. I have a bad attitude about too many things. I'm not really in the worship mode while doing dishes yet. Maybe I'll get there soon.
I love dancing with Him and kneeling and ling flat on my face. Whatever He moves me to do.

Sharen Watson said...

Kay... I love your heart in commenting on LINGER. I must confess too; I'm not quite there when it comes to LINGERing with housework. Some days are better than others. One thing I've discovered though? If I turn on some energizing worship music, perhaps through LINGERing while working has a good chance of being a positive experience.

Thank you for your post...

Cathy Messecar said...

Sharen, my most intimate worship happens in the shower. These times have come about because I'd studied and presented lessons on the Jewish woman and the Mikveh and its role in supplying an orchestrated time of removing all pretenses and dipping in cleansing water, an offering each month after her montly cycle, offering herself up to the role God ordained for her.

I often lift my hands in private worship and thanksgiving as water showers down and he fills me with living water, nourishing and cleansing.

Nishant said...

I shout with glee in my heart to thank Him for his beautiful creation.

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