Monday, March 9, 2009

Linger - You have HIS permission

...Do you have your own?

Our days are filled with the constant clamor of responsibilities begging for our attention. Needful things. And we pursue the to-do list with tenacity. Day-after-day, hour-by-hour, our clock ticks down the moments toward each day's end. Is there ever enough time to complete every little thing? I'll venture a guess. No.

Mornings are abuzz with activity - and thought for more activity - and we press through our daily grind, checking off the to-do list with vengeance. Yet when the sky turns dark and our eyelids grow heavy, our minds are still scattered with relics from our day, and strolling into the throne room to meet with the Father is the first thing on our mind that is rarely accomplished.

But ladies, the veil is torn. We have complete access and are free to abide with our Father. Anytime. So, what is it that holds us at arm’s length from Him? Why is it seemingly so difficult to go on into the throne room and hang out there? We have His permission to hang out while we grocery shop, mop floors, and prepare that presentation for the boss. We can hang out in the middle of any activity of the day.

Do we wear the busyness of our everyday, all day, and then expect to clean up good before we attempt to even peek into His domain? And then, will our fa├žade suddenly fall apart, taking on our everyday existence, clearly inferior for lingering in the King’s presence? Who gives us permission to enter, let alone LINGER there?

Daily obligations and responsibility often keep women from lingering in the Throne Room, but it needn't be. We can burst in anytime we want to, and we can simply dwell there, no matter what the day holds.

Again, I ask you... You have HIS permission to LINGER with the King, do you have your own?


Tami Boesiger said...

You have HIS permission to LINGER with the King, do you have your own?

Ooh, you got me.

Sharen Watson said...

Tami! Great to see you back again :-) Gotcha huh? I really think this is a part of our own sabotage of LINGERing with the Lord.

dwanreed said...

Yes, we have to give ourselves permission to linger. I feel so enriched when I take this time. I am trying to start my day with prayer. Praise music also helps me get off to the right start.

Jan Parrish said...

Ok, so I'm just going to lay it out here. Sometimes, my best intentions to spend time with Him first thing don't work out. I miss Him and I feel bad, so I keep all those feelings in.

"I'm going to get to it soon," I tell myself.

Then it's like when you know you have to return a call,, and you meant to, but life and interruptions occur.