Friday, February 4, 2011

one momentary embrace

Sometimes I do something good and wonder if anyone sees. God sees. And He sends a bouquet of thanks. Beauty to hold, fragrance to delight. And then I remember to return it to Him, The Giver of all things Good.

I remember the scent of them, the fragile stems.
I remember the life held close to my heart.
I remember the reason it was mine
I remember Your pleasure in my sheer delight of ...

One momentary embrace

Breathe in the sweet fragrance, my Child

I remember my heart captivated by the precious gift I held close

Breathe deeply of my reward, Precious One

Mine to hold, You said, mine to enjoy. Yet...


And I lift the beauty to my Lord, a gift only mine for...

A moment is sufficient, more than enough, I cry to my Savior. Thank You...

You bring the increase,
You draw them in.
You offered Your Son
In place of their sin.

I bow at Your feet, Lord, amazed by Your grace. Amazed You trust...
One momentary embrace.

Bowing low. Humble. I lay beauty before Him...

But this fragrant collection, Yours God, not mine.
One momentary embrace
Yet eternal in time.

No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them... John 6:44

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