Friday, February 11, 2011

when love is tender

"I love you." She simply says.

And I grin, the sheepish sleepy grin. The expectant reply bubbles in my child chest and I am unable to contain the words longer. "I love you more!"

That look, out of the side of her eye. I see it coming... And again, the expected. "Oh no... I love YOU more." And she tousles my hair, wild on the feather pillow.

I giggle. I am loved. I know by not just the words, but by Mother's voice. And I reply the expected. "Oh no..." and child arms stretch wide. "I love you this much!" And quickly, I tuck my arms into the side of my body. But not fast enough. The tickle. And I laugh wildly...

and then my mother with arms wider than mine stretches them far. "I love you..." and stretching further still, "this much."

Meaningful exchange between mother and daughter before slumber. Yet still un-ended. I find expression in the only word I know to indicate clear the manifestation of my child heart sentiment. "I love you infinity!"

"I love you infinity too." And she seals it with a kiss. She walks softly to the door, turns. Briefly our eyes catch and she slips away. And I sleep, wrapped in tender comfort mother love.

And I sleep too... in another love not yet understood.

As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you (Isaiah 66:13)

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